Cool Clothes @ Cool Prices for Cool People

Fivepoundtee is not what most people think. On the surface it appears that we are an amazing e-tailer that sells cool clothes at cool prices for cool people, and while that is true, it is somewhat misleading.

Fivepoundtee really is a discussion of Ideas. The Idea of inexpensive quality. The Idea of living to express rather than to impress. The Ideas of Global Citizenship. The Idea of living to thrive. The Idea of Life’s default setting being Fun.

So here’s what we’ll do. . .

Here at our London design studio, we’ll keep designing cool, contemporary & stylish designs for you to wear.

We’ll show that we understand the importance of outstanding customer service by giving it to you.

Connect with us at all the usual social media hangouts and we’ll have fun creating & curating great media that we feel will add value to your life. Together we’ll explore these Ideas and build a community of folk who understand what it means to be fully alive.

So that’s it, in a nut shell. The arrival and establishment of fivepoundtee onto the international e-tailing landscape is Journey you’ll take with us and be an integral part of.

So without further ado . . . Lets Dance
 Now for the Somewhat more boring information about us:
Fivepoundtee is a Trading Name of LPS London Ltd. We are a Printing & Online Clothing Company based in London, Greenwich very close to the Cutty Sark.