We Love Back Prints!

Whether it be Tees, Sweaters or Hoodies we at Fivepoundtee are lovers of back printed garments. The only problem with Back prints is that there simply isn't enough in the world. We are constantly thinking of new and fresh Ideas to change this as we believe they serve much more of a great purpose than the world has given them credit for. Here are some must have back prints for you guys to start or simply increase your collections:

Cloud 9 Tee (Fivepoundtee):

Puma Evolution LongLine T-shirt (Asos): 


00 F*cksgiven Tee (Fivepoundtee):


Black Captain America T-Shirt (Topman):

Red Stripe Sweater (Fivepoundtee):


Good For Nothing Hoodie (Asos):

Ace Of Spades Hoodie (Fivepoundtee):